Cassie sees this house in Coopersville

American Gothic Revival house in Ring’s town of Coopersville

American Gothic Revival house in Ring’s town of Coopersville

This American Gothic Revival house is one of several that Cassie sees as she enters the town of Coopersville. Below is an excerpt from Ring: Wearer Beware.

Hunger was strong-arming Cassie’s thoughts, pushing aside both Derrick and Gustave as she drove into the outskirts of a town with a timeworn wooden sign engraved with Coopersville, Established 1846. Then with the same faded red paint, it said, Home of Coopers Creatures. A carved picture of a barrel was on one side and what appeared to be a casket on the other.

“Coopers Creatures? What’s that? And why is there a picture of a coffin on the town’s welcome sign?” Cassie turned off the radio. She knew that coopers made wooden containers, but coffins? Was there really that great of a need for them in this area?

Cassie looked at her watch, it was still early, she had time to grab a burger and then continue on to Gustave’s. She drove into the village, first noticing a dilapidated lumber mill along a river to her left where a water wheel, now a pile of wood and metal, once powered a whipsaw.

The depressed homes leading into town spoke of a time when Coopersville once thrived. Now the American Gothic Revival style—pointed window arches, steep center gables, and lacy trim along the rooflines—made the town seem more like the home for the wicked witch in the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel. Mainstreet was not much better, but it did have several active businesses. A barber shop with gargoyle water spouts and a spinning barber’s pole of red, blue, and white stripes left Cassie feeling that it still practiced bloodletting. A five-and-dime with various household items such as T-shirts, toys, and books were displayed in the front windows. And the Bank of Anisteem County constructed of brick rather than lumber sat on the corner. Then she noticed a park with what appeared to be a flea market that looked like some vendors could be selling food. Not seeing a fast food joint, she decided to stop and see what the street market had to offer.
— ---Ring: Wearer Beware