Paperbacks Will Be Temporarily Unavailable

Book and Heart

Currently, my paperback books are published through Amazon but I’m changing that to Draft2Digital. So I’ll need to unpublish them and then republish, this will cause a temporary disruption in their availability.

Why change companies? Because Draft2Digital distributes not only to Amazon, but to Ingram as well. I’ve learned that libraries won’t order books from Amazon but they will from Ingram. Here’s what Draft2Digital says:

Where will my book be distributed? Your book will be available at Amazon and Ingram, the largest distributor/wholesaler in North America. Ingram supplies books to most of the independent bookstores around the country, Barnes and Noble, Powells, and Indiebound. Of course, not every bookstore carries every book, but if you tell your local stores they can order from Ingram, they’ll know how to get it.
— Draft2Digital

I’m going to spend the weekend switching things over, but it will be well worth it!

Connie MyresComment