Pale Horse (Seven Seals Redux, #4) - MOBI

Pale Horse (Seven Seals Redux, #4) - MOBI

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Follow our ragtag gang as they endure the trials of the fourth seal in this upbeat and lighthearted adventure story. Zombies, alien moss, and a trip to Mars included.

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(MOBI is the Amazon Kindle Version) (Book 4) Our ragtag characters must endure the opening of the fourth seal and the violence, famine, pestilence, and beasts that it brings. The zombies have returned, the alien moss has morphed into something more destructive, and The Community has begun taking the tainted biological warfare vaccine again. Will they be able to escape from Death and the aliens? Or will they finally reach their breaking point and be fed to the bioship? Find out by tagging along with the gang in this lighthearted and upbeat story.

  • Author: Connie Myres

  • Series: Seven Seals Redux, Book 4

  • Genres: Alien Contact, Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction

  • Tags: Novellas, Oort Cloud Books

  • Publisher: Feather and Fermion Publishing

  • Publication Year:  2015

  • Format: E-book, Paperback

  • Length:  187 pages

  • ASIN: Coming Soon!

  • ISBN:  9780996314176 (eBook)

  • ISBN: 9780692495421 (paperback)

  • eBook Price: $2.99

  • List Price: $9.99 paperback