Tribulation (Seven Seals Redux, #5) - MOBI

Tribulation (Seven Seals Redux, #5) - MOBI

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Forced off Earth because of an alien invasion, our haggard crew must find a new home. While Infinity One is designed for deep space flight, it is virtually untested as it sets out on its maiden voyage into the solar system.

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(MOBI is the Amazon Kindle Version) Running from the aliens and plagued by disasters, the gang retreats to the moon and Proxima b. However, fate has a mind of her own when they end up back on Mars. The fifth seal opens full force when they meet up once again with ol’ Randolph Watson.

A crew member turns on the others. Jack is stranded and alone. And Sarah takes on a new and unexpected role.

Follow the exhausted team and find out who must be sacrificed to appease the gods.

  • Author: Connie Myres

  • Series:  Seven Seals Redux, Book 5

  • Genres:  Alien Contact, Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction

  • Tags:  Novellas, Oort Cloud Books

  • Publisher:   Feather and Fermion Publishing

  • Publication Year:  2016

  • Format:  E-book, Paperback

  • Length: 167 pages

  • ISBN:  9781386331193 (eBook)

  • ISBN: 9781540521675 (paperback)

  • List Price:  $7.99 paperback

  • eBook Price:  $2.99