Trumpets (Seven Seals Redux, #7) - MOBI

Trumpets (Seven Seals Redux, #7) - MOBI

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The depleted crew have made many sacrifices as they fought their way through the Book of Revelation’s first six seals. Now with the last seal hanging over their heads, will they finally meet their match in these last days? Find out in this final book of the Seven Seals Redux series. A novella.

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(MOBI is the Amazon Kindle Version) Having landed on an alien planet that they hope to call home, things go well until a strange starship lands nearby. With few weapons to defend themselves, ingenuity is the name of the game. If they can’t think their way out of this mess and use the resources they have, they will have suffered through Armageddon in vain.

Will Jack use the alien coin he’s been carrying around in his pocket all this time? Will they meet up with the villainous Randy for one last battle? Will they ever make it back to Earth, even though the world appears to have ended? And will Sarah and Jack finally get together?

  • Author: Connie Myres

  • Series: Seven Seals Redux, Book 7

  • Genres:Alien Contact, Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction

  • Tags: Novellas, Oort Cloud Books

  • Publisher: Feather and Fermion Publishing

  • Publication Year: 2017

  • Format: E-book, Paperback

  • Length:102 pages

  • ISBN: 9781386739791 (eBook)

  • ISBN: 9781549533976 (paperback)

  • List Price:  $5.99 paperback

  • eBook Price:  $2.99