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Download Any Ebook in Our Store for Free


Hey, readers. I hope everyone is well and not running a temperature and having difficulty breathing.

But while you’re stuck at home and following the CDC guidelines because of the coronavirus, it’s a good time to give my books a chance and download any eBook in the catalog for free with the coupon code covid19. This coupon can be used once, but if the pandemic continues, I will likely send out another coupon.

Go to the eBooks and Enjoy!

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Paperbacks Coming Soon In Our Store

Picture of a book.

I’m using a beta system for selling my paperbacks on Amazon and other places but noticed, for example, the paperback of Raven’s Ridge on Amazon are not from me. My Raven’s Ridge legit paperback sells for $10.99 but when I checked it on Amazon there are resellers who have it listed for as much as $1,012.90! I’ve contacted the distributor that I use for paperbacks asking them why my book is not yet on Amazon. Anyway, a solution to this is to add paperbacks to my store, Feather and Fermion Publishing as another option for purchasing paperbacks.

It’ll take me a bit to figure out how to add paperbacks to my store, but I plan to slowly be rolling it out. And don’t worry, everything is guaranteed so there is no risk.

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Getting Back on Track

Image of factory interior.

It’s taken a while but I’m finally getting back to where I need to be. All my books are not uploaded to my website yet, but they will be soon. What I have done is set some really tough plans. Here they are:

  • Publish a novel or short story every second Tuesday of each month
  • Get back to sending the newsletter every week
  • Record a podcast every week
  • Start my Mysterious Michigan website
  • Quit my day job!!

Yes, this is a tall order but I’m going to do it! Maybe I’ll post journal entries so that you can follow my progress.

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Messy Books Page

A picture of messy books.

My Books page is going to be kinda messy while I work on my bookstore. You might see duplicate books and there will be some books that are missing, but it should look nice when I’m done. I work full-time so I have to eke out the time to do it.

My bookstore will have eBooks to begin, then I’ll sell paperbacks. The eBooks will be cheaper when bought from Feather and Fermion Publishing than when bought in other stores—unless I’m having a multi-store sale.

I’m using WooCommerce to set up the store and Stripe to process payments.