Book News

Picture of a book.

Paperbacks Coming Soon In Our Store

I’m using a beta system for selling my paperbacks on Amazon and other places but noticed, for example, the paperback of Raven’s Ridge on Amazon are not from me. My Raven’s Ridge legit paperback sells for $10.99 but when I checked it on Amazon there are resellers who have it listed for as much as $1,012.90! I’ve contacted the distributor that I use for paperbacks asking them why my book is not yet on Amazon. Anyway, a solution to this is to add paperbacks to my store Feather and Fermion Publishing as another option for purchasing paperbacks.

Found a Book Plugin

It took a while but I found a plugin that makes it easy to add books to the website, it’s called Mooberry Book Manager. I’ve only had time to add one book today, but I hope to have all the books added by the end of the week. We’ll see how it goes 🙂