Finally got the configurations correct

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Wow, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a total do-it-yourself web server! I transferred my domain,, to Amazon’s Route 53 and had to wait for it to propagate. Then I installed WordPress. There were things that needed programming in an SSH client but they do have instructions — this was complicated. I set up a static IP address and added DNS records — this was also complicated. I had a ton of things that didn’t work the first time I did them so I had to do a lot of reading in the knowledge base — took forever. Anyway, I finally got everything connected correctly — at least I think so, at this moment.

Now it’s time to rebuild the website. The next Free Fiction Friday probably won’t be until next week, Oct. 15.

I wish I didn’t have this terrible habit of changing things, but I do learn a lot. Why switch to AWS? It’s cheap and gives me great control over my site and any future projects. I was using Dreamhost and I highly recommend them, mostly because they have great customer service.

Now, back to work.

~ Connie

By Connie Myres - Author

CONNIE MYRES writes books and short stories in the horror, mystery, suspense, and science fiction genres. She is an author, developer, and registered nurse. Sometime in the future—whether by choice or by arm-twisting—she will join the digital nomad movement. Born and raised in Michigan, she has been creating stories since childhood. Children she had babysat as a teenager loved to hear her mystery stories, especially since she carefully included all the children listening into the storyline, causing suspense for everyone. Connie's website:

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