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House: Henry and Gretchen
House: Henry and Gretchen

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FICTION / Horror
FICTION / Fantasy / Dark Fantasy

Short Story | 34 pgs. | Reg. $0.99 | Series: Spooky Shorts | Formats: Ebook | Size: EPUB (200 KB), Kindle (469 KB) | Published 2020

An evil stepmother, abandoned children, and a wicked witch are certainly part of this version of Hansel and Gretel. A short story.

Times are tough and food hard to come by when young Henry and Gretchen are abandoned in the woods by their evil stepmother and feebleminded father who want more food for themselves. Dying from hunger or being ravaged by wild beasts are not the children’s only threat; a wicked witch lurks nearby, eager to devour their little bodies.

Will the fragile, malnourished Henry and Gretchen survive their parents, wild animals of the forest, and the hungry witch in this version of Hansel and Gretel?

By Connie Myres - Author

CONNIE MYRES writes books and short stories in the horror, mystery, suspense, and science fiction genres. She is an author, developer, and registered nurse. Sometime in the future—whether by choice or by arm-twisting—she will join the digital nomad movement. Born and raised in Michigan, she has been creating stories since childhood. Children she had babysat as a teenager loved to hear her mystery stories, especially since she carefully included all the children listening into the storyline, causing suspense for everyone. Connie's website:

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