Delivering E-books and Rearranging Office

No writing got done today. Instead, I decided that the way Wix delivers eBooks is perfectly fine. I also rearranged my office on this day 4 of the blogging streak.

I don’t think I’ll be able to use BookFunnel to deliver my eBooks on my product pages. Wix has their own way to deliver digital products. When I test it, the eBook is downloaded, and my default eReader (Calibre) opens and saves it. I hope that works for everyone.

What I can do is use BookFunnel to deliver eBooks for other things like Advance Review Copies or landing pages for other types of downloads. I ended up downgrading my BookFunnel account since I can’t use it like I thought I could.

I rearranged my little office space by moving my desk against the wall. This gives the room more open space, but puts my back toward the television ☹ Is it possible I’ll get more work done? 😊

Talk again tomorrow.

~ Connie

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