Don’t Do What I’ve Done

I know better than to move back and forth between book distributors, but I did it anyway. I messed up when I moved all my books from Draft2Digital to IngramSpark. I thought I’d reach more retailers, but I’m not so sure about that. IS does make it easy for physical bookstores to buy print books because of the discount. But without going into detail, because I don’t want to dis them, I’ve left them and am moving everything back to Draft2Digital.

I’m re-formatting interiors and maybe fixing a cover here and there, so this is going to take a while. I’m beginning with my eBooks. Then I’ll have Draft2Digital distribute my paperbacks. As for hardcovers, I think I’m going with Lulu. I’ve never used them, but after two instances of not getting the print books I ordered for proofing from IS, I said no more. I didn’t get my money back because I used their (expensive) cheapest shipping which doesn’t have tracking so they can’t do anything about missing books. Guess I just dissed them.

I’m happy that Smashwords is merging with Draft2Digital. I think it will help indie authors.

My advice is to go wide and distribute through Draft2Digital. And don’t forget Amazon and Google; everything else can be done through D2D.

~ Connie

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