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From Short Story To Novel With Blockbuster Writing Software

I recently began writing "Ice," initially planned as the next installment in the "Spooky Shorts" series. However, it has evolved into a young adult novel. For the past year or two, I've owned John Truby's Blockbuster writing software but haven't made much use of it due to its somewhat cumbersome nature. Recently, I've given it another try. This extensive planning and plotting program involves a detailed process of answering questions and filling out numerous boxes. It's a time-consuming task that I expect to take several days, but I'm optimistic that it will enhance the development of my stories.

This shift in my writing approach is why my short story has transformed into a young adult novel, which I've titled "Mysteries of Crystal Shores." This novel blends elements of Mystery Adventure, Fantasy Drama, and Young Adult (YA) Fiction.

I'm hopeful about this method, although I often encounter a creative block when it's time to write a plotted novel. As someone who naturally leans towards improvisational writing, or 'pantsing,' the notion of a pre-determined plot feels restrictive, even though I know it can be altered or discarded. My spontaneous imagination tends to have a will of its own.

I'll keep you informed about my progress. Meanwhile, Artie is working on an article about a fictitious town and its Iceberg Festival. I plan to post it this weekend, along with an illustration he's created.

When a curious teenager, Ellie, discovers a mysterious, colorful iceberg carrying an ancient artifact during Crystal Shores' annual Iceberg Festival, she is drawn into a thrilling adventure that reveals hidden town secrets and tests her bravery against those who seek to exploit the relic for their gain.

~ Connie

Colorful Icebergs at Crystal Shores' annual Iceberg Festival.
Colorful Icebergs at Crystal Shores' annual Iceberg Festival.

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