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Watch The Phantom Planet (1961)

"The Phantom Planet" is a 1961 American science fiction film directed by William Marshall. The movie is notable for its unique blend of science fiction themes and special effects that were typical of the era.


The story unfolds in the year 1980 and centers around a group of astronauts on a mission to investigate a mysterious asteroid named "Phantom Planet." As they approach, their spacecraft encounters problems and crashes onto the asteroid. The surviving astronaut, Captain Frank Chapman, discovers that the asteroid is inhabited by tiny humanoids who live in a sophisticated civilization.


These humanoids, known as the Solarites, have the ability to shrink Chapman to their size using their advanced technology. Chapman learns that the Solarites are threatened by a hostile alien race and must find a way to help them while also seeking a method to return to his normal size and Earth.


 The film blends elements of space exploration with themes of survival and interstellar diplomacy. Its portrayal of alien life and advanced technology reflects the era's fascination with space and the unknown. "The Phantom Planet" is often remembered for its low-budget special effects, miniature sets, and the imaginative portrayal of an alien world.


 ChatGPT helped me with this description.


~ Connie


Watch my ambiance video with The Phantom Planet playing on the TV set. It's called "Martian Habitat Ambiance with Cozy Fireplace and Dust Storm Views (Ambiance Video)."


Comedy version on Mystery Science Theater 3000,

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