Word Template and BookFunnel

Today is the third day of my blogging streak. I got a lot of organization done, but not writing. Here’s what I did today.

1. I worked on my master Word template so that it matches Dean Koontz’s book The Other Emily. I don’t know what serif font was used, but there are 30 lines, 60-65 characters per line, and 291-300 words per page. This is a 6x9 book.

To get close, I used Palatino Linotype, 12-point font. I like this font and know he used it in an earlier large print book. I put the title/author's name and page number in the header. Used margins: top 0.8 in., bottom 0.6 in., Inside 0.9 in., and outside 0.5 in. The gutter is 0 inches. I set the header and footer 0.5 in. from the edge. I set the line spacing to 1.1 for the 6x9 book. This gives me 30 lines and 63-64 characters per line. Word count ranges from 256-310 words per page; the average is around 280-290 or so. I’m sure I’ll keep fine-tuning this.

2. I reopened my BookFunnel account to make eBook and audiobook downloads easier for people who buy from my bookstore. I’ve had a reader specifically request them. I still need to get the BookFunnel link setup in my store.

3. I have lots of books to upload to Draft2Digital after coming from IngramSpark. Today I re-uploaded the eBook for Unrestrained. My bookstore does not have all my books added yet.

Anyway, another day is done!

~ Connie

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