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Dragontide’s Daughter (writing)
Ice (Published short story)
Joker (Writing Short Story)
Kiss (short story)

Twisted Intentions

A Suspenseful Small Town Mystery

After moving to a beautiful gated community, a grieving woman grows suspicious of her friendly neighbors and discovers their charming suburban paradise hides disturbing secrets and sinister intentions.

Dragontide's Daughter

Work in Progress

Dragontide’s Daughter

YA Fantasy Adventure

A teen girl embarks on a quest to cure her grandfather’s sudden illness with the legendary Elixiron, only to confront the ancient guardian of Lake Dragontide and uncover that the true cost of the cure may sever her deepest family bonds.

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I write in the genres of Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Paranormal, Science-Fiction, and Thriller/Suspense.

I’m currently working on a bookstore for this website, The books currently in my store are working and are okay to purchase, I just don’t have all the titles added yet 🙂

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